Tahara Kite Festival

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Aichi | Tahara-shi

The custom of “Hatsudako” (first kite), which is hoisted to pray for the birth of a first son and for the child’s safety at the Tango no Sekku festival, and the “Kenkadako” (kite fight) in which people try to cut the strings of each other’s kites in the sky, have been passed down through the generations. At the “Kenkadako Battle” held on the second day (Sunday), people affix glass powder on the strings of their own kites, manipulate Tahara's unique oblong kites and cut the strings of each other’s kites while flying them. Sounding a loud sound called “Unari,” they fight a fierce battle in the sky.

Basic information

The location 〒441-3421 Shiomi, Taharacho, Tahara-shi, Aichi
Reference Atsumi Peninsula sightseeing bureau
〒441-3416 5-74, Higashiakaishi, Tahara-shi, Aichi
TEL 0531-23-3516
FAX 0531-22-2026
Homepage https://www.taharakankou.gr.jp/

Business period -
From May 25, 2019 to Saturday, May 26, 2019, Saturday and Sunday every year on Sunday fourth in May

Access ・It is 12 minutes on foot from Toyohasi Railroad Atsumi Line Kobe Station

Rate Free of charge

Cultural assets ・Municipalities-designated important immaterial folk cultural assets: The first kite, quarrel kite

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