Eight houses are the municipal organization enforcement 88th anniversary!

[Hachinohe-shi, Aomori]
Hachinohe-shi reaches the municipal organization enforcement 88th anniversary on May 1, 2017. "8" is number said to that it is lucky by increasing prosperity and carries out various commemorative projects again in year when "8" lines up because it is Hachinohe and number with deep relation.

Display of Hachinohe portal museum hatchinite "88, Hachinohe stories" will begin on Friday, April 28 as one of such business of the 88th anniversary tomorrow.

"sukeeta zu reported on topic only in Hachinohe from history, manners and customs, industry, culture, sports, various fields including living to one of bee", and, with "88, Hachinohe stories", citizen's reporters from high school student to 70s knit in story of 88 parts. It is sure to get that it is in Hachinohe tsuu if we read many stories that breathing of Hachinohe citizen is handed down! When you come to Hachinohe, hatchinio, please drop in♪