88 (a little) foreign country project starts! (France)

[Hachinohe-shi, Aomori]

It is ... with 88 (a little) foreign country projects

Plan design subject, picture subject combined student team of Tohoku University of Art and Design (Yamagata-shi) visited for investigation for the first time in Hachinohe-shi in May, 2016 "is impression that Hachinohe is different from other Tohoku in. Is different from the Sea of Japan side in color of the sky and the sea, and person is like opening, too, triggered by having had impression, "there were some foreign country, atmosphere that opened such as foreign country", put together for the municipal organization enforcement 88th anniversary, and started "88 (a little) foreign country projects".

This project to send town charming the features "88" (a little), charm of Hachinohe of foreign country where Kobe, Yokohama, everybody such as Nagasaki vary unlike tourist city where there is exoticism to imagine. We produced short story picture of eight three parts which publicized local resources full of charm such as the specific difference shore, factory, bystreet this time.
Come to Hachinohe with thinking of question mark to "be strange what eight houses are" in head.