Catch phrase about sightseeing Win and send shiningly from ... rino village
Summary The forest accounts for 95% or more of areas, and traditional lifestyle remains much, and, in Shiiba-son to rise so that the mountains more than 1,000m range, it is village called Kyushu last unexplored region.
Population 3,005 (2013-04-01)
Area 537.35 square km
Festivals and events Shiiba Heike Festival, the best gnarl in Japan meeting with sawa millet, evening of folk art
Traditional arts Shiiba noh dance (country-designated important intangible cultural asset), folk song get cold, and arrive; knob, armed monk of Enryakuji dance, folk dance with millstone-sized drums
Symbols such as flowers and birds trees Village flower shakunage Muraki Japanese pepper Village chicken copper pheasant
Unique products, specialties and souvenirs Competition between two teams love batter, shiitake, greens tofu, dried bamboo shoot, royal fern, sawa millet, bubble
Local cuisine Soba, greens tofu
Beautiful scenery Overwhelming Nature which is counted among one of the Japan's three biggest unexplored regions
Vaunted sound Birdsong to hear from anywhere
Symbol Tsurutomi Estate
Natural monument (country) eight Murasugi, hinoki of Okubo, ginkgo of Antelope (the prefecture) Matsuo, Tsugao, Kijino lava valley
Folktales and legends Heike defeated soldier legend
Historical figures Kunio Yanagida, Noboru Nakase
Administrative information Shiiba-son homepage
Sightseeing information Shiiba-son tourist association
The location of Government building
Address 1762-1, Shimofukura, Shiiba-son, Higashiusuki-gun, Miyazaki
Phone number 0982 67 3203
FAX 0982 67 2825