Tanabu Festival

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Aomori | Mutsu-shi

It is an annual festival of the Tanabu Shrine. Five Dashi Floats and Hayashi (music), with origins in the Gion Festival create a solemn atmosphere. During the festival period, the Oshimako Nagashi Dance is held in the city to the accompaniment of Bon songs which have been inherited from way back. The climax of the festival is the Gosha Wakare which is held at midnight on August 20. People exchange sake drinks while the Yamayare is played, bid farewell to summer and promise to see each other again..

Basic information

The location 〒035-0034 Tanabucho, Mutsu-shi, Aomori
Reference Mutsu-shi business and industry sightseeing section
〒035-8686 1-8-1, Chuo, Mutsu-shi, Aomori
TEL 0175-22-1111
FAX 0175-23-7960
Homepage http://www.shimokita-kanko.com/

Business period Holding
From August 12, 2016 to August 20, 2016 summer

Access ・It is ten minutes by bus from JR Shimokita Station

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