Hiraniwa Highland skiing area festival

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Iwate | Kuji-shi

Hiraniwa Highland skiing area festival that is held every year on second Saturday of February. A great variety of events including rice cake firewood meeting and treasure hunt meeting with New Year's present are varied in the daytime. In addition to fantastic dream light, gorgeousness and fireworks display (18:30 ...) to glisten are carried out at night in night sky.

Basic information

The location Yamagatamachi, Kuji-shi, Iwate
TEL 0194-72-2700
FAX 0194-72-2701
Reference Hiraniwa Highland skiing area festival executive committee
Yamagatamachi, Kuji-shi, Iwate
TEL 0194-72-2111
Homepage http://hiraniwa.com/resort/ski/

Business period -
There is the second Saturday fireworks display every year in February in the beginning of February, 2019

Access ・It is 60 minutes by car from nine Hachinohe Expressway IC

The site Hiraniwa Highland skiing area

Parking lot 600 free of charge