*hetsuisakura of Shiogama shrine


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Miyagi | Shiogama-shi

In the precincts of Shiogama shrine, more than 600 including unlined kimono and double weeping cherry tree color spring including 27 Shiogama cherry blossoms appointed by natural monument of country. There are many things for approximately 40 years years old now. Shiogama cherry blossoms are kinds of Yae ZAKURA, and it is said that pistil changed as for the leaf to see in flower.

Basic information
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The location 〒985-8510 1-1, Ichimoriyama, Shiogama-shi, Miyagi
Reference Shiwahiko Shrine, Shiogama Shrine
TEL 022-367-1611
FAX 022-365-5530

Access ・It is 15 minutes on foot from Senseki Line Hon-Shiogama Station

Plant Tree class: Kind flower names of Yae ZAKURA: Cherry blossoms

Time The late April and early May
Classification Natural monument division: Country-designated special natural monument, natural monument-designated time: December 17, 1987

[Others] Ten parking lot large cars, normal car 575