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Miyagi | Higashi-Matsushima-shi

Eight famous places that Oku-Matsushima, Miyado district where beauty and history background of scenery were chosen as point by people of district boasts of. We can go round walking courses on foot each. (1)satohama rope Fuminosato park of historic interest (village Hamachi ward) (2)Ioji Yakushido (village Hamachi ward) (3)Otakamori (village Hamachi ward) (4)Saga reading-desk (Murohama district) (5)Hill (Murohama district) of the matter soldier of the Imperial Guard, multi-Juro monument (6)Ohama Chinese ship guard station trace (Ohama district) (7)Cape new beach (Tsukihama district) (8)Rice ka sakikoen (Tsukihama district) How to walk and precaution of promenade Sports shoes and mountain climbing shoes are recommended to shoes. Shoes, sandals, business shoes with high heel are unsuitable even for short walk. When it rains, please be careful after it rained as you become slippery. As way which map does not have is dangerous, please be careful enough. As mamushi hornets inhabit, please be careful enough. It is forbidden taking the fields and mountains grass home in the regulations. Acts such as pasturage, excavation of use of graffiti, tent construction, fire, pet are prohibited in the regulations especially because it is natural beauty spot designated area, the history of nation trace. As there is place without fence, please be careful.

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The location Higashi-Matsushima-shi, Miyagi
Reference 〒981-0503 36-1, Kamikoudo, Yamoto, Higashimatsushima-shi, Miyagi
TEL 0225-82-1111