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Natural scenery

Akita | Nikaho-shi

Islands of Kisakata that was one of the destinations of Oku no Hosomichi, and was admired equally with Matsushima. It rises by earthquake and becomes strange scenery with island now on land. Water is filled neighboring fields with in rice-transplanting season and can imagine Kujuku-shima Islands of the past. We can see from michi-no-eki Kisakata nemuno hill observation deck.

Basic information
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The location Kisakatamachi, Nikaho-shi, Akita
Reference Nikaho-shi Board of Education cultural properties protection section
〒018-0104 31-1, Kitsunemori, Kisakatamachi, Nikaho-shi, Akita
TEL 0184-43-2005
FAX 0184-43-2014

Access ・It is five minutes on foot from Kisakata Station

Scale 200ha
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