National Contest of Folk Song Choja-no Yama


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Sacred rites

Akita | Misato-cho, Senboku-gun

Senboku district which is said to be treasure house of folk song in particular in folk song kingdom Akita. One of the folk songs said to have been born in this land has "crowd of central figures". We sing this "crowd of central figures" with people loving national folk song and spread widely while succeeding to simple taste that is going to be forgotten definitely in Misato-cho full of nature and we aim at local development and will hold "mountain of central figure" national convention.

Basic information
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The location 〒019-1541 Otsu-205-1, Ueno, Tsuchizaki, Misato-cho, Senboku-gun, Akita
TEL 0187-87-6550
FAX 0187-87-6552
Reference The folk song "crowd of central figures" national convention executive committee secretariat (the Misato-town Tourism Association)
〒019-1404 83, Umamachi, Rokugo, Misato-cho, Senboku-gun, Akita
TEL 0187-84-0110
FAX 0187-84-3553

Business period -
From October 12, 2019 to October 13, 2019 autumn

Access ・It is 20 minutes by taxi from Ou Main Line Iizume Station

The site Misato-cho north contact building
Time Saturday and Sunday second in October