Ladle delicacy Festival


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Sacred rites

Fukushima | Otama-mura, Adachi-gun

Annual delicacy Festival! Please thoroughly enjoy "delicacy" of Otama-mura according to the name abundantly. You can have high-quality Japanese beef and perilla pork from Otama-mura with barbecue on that day. This will sell each part including sirloin, ground meat in [deep-discount] including high-quality Japanese beef, perilla pork from Otama-mura again (we can be tasted in [deep-discount] more than usual), too. There are other dairy product such as milk, yoghurt and large number of branches. Please taste "delicacy" of Otama-mura! We look forward to your visit.

Basic information
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The location 〒969-1301 Oyama, Otama-mura, Adachi-gun, Fukushima character Nitta 11-1
Reference Otama-mura sightseeing, product PR executive committee
〒70 in 969-1392 Tamanoi, Otama-mura, Adachi-gun, Fukushima character star
TEL 0243-24-8096
FAX 0243-48-4448
E-Mail address

Business period -
Sunday, October 18, 2020 10:00-15:00

Access ・It is 6.4km by car from Tohoku Expressway Hongu IC for 12 minutes

Visit, the time required 120 minutes

The site 2,000 people
Otama-mura contact open space

Event facility Other Otama-mura contact open spaces