Kasumigaura enduro


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Sacred rites

Ibaraki | Kasumigaura-shi

Bicycle endurance race to completely blockade public road of the Lake Kasumigaura lakefront, and to hold. In hosakikoen of main venue, we plan "festival entirely gourmet Lake Kasumigaura" and product sale and stage event, cycle plan that local gourmet flocked. ※We cancel under the influence of typhoon in 2019

Basic information
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The location Kasumigaura-shi, Ibaraki
Reference Sightseeing in Kasumigaura City Hall business and industry section
〒300-0192 562, Owada, Kasumigaura-shi, Ibaraki
TEL 029-897-1111
FAX 029-897-1243
Homepage http://kasumigaura.wizspo.jp/

Business period -
From October 12, 2019 to October 13, 2019 ※Under the influence of typhoon, we cancel

Access ・It is 15km by car from Joban Expressway Tsuchiura north IC for 30 minutes

Visit, the time required 480 minutes

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