Katsushika Iris Festival

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Tokyo | Katsushika-ku

Blue flag of one Horikiri of famous place of Edo. Horikirishobuen that the scenery is described in color woodblock prints such as Hiroshige Andou or Toyokuni Utagawa, and becomes one of tourist attraction of Katsushika-ku even now. In addition, Mizumoto Park which attracts people whom it is the largest Suigo park in Tokyo, and seasonal view visits. Katsushika iris Festival is carried out in these two venues. Outdoor tea ceremony or songs stage, parade are carried out on Saturday and Sunday during period, and lighting up is performed in Horikirishobuen on June 7 and the night of 8th. Please enjoy bright blue flag and lively event.

Basic information

The location 2-19-1, Horikiri, Katsushika-ku, Tokyo (Horikirishobuen) 3-2, Mizumotokouen, Katsushika-ku (Mizumotokoen)
Reference Katsushika iris Festival center executive committee (Katsushika-ku sightseeing inside of a section)
〒125-0062 7-2-1, Aoto, Katsushika-ku, Tokyo techno plaza and the second floor
TEL 03-3838-5558
FAX 03-3838-5551
Homepage http://www.katsushika-kanko.com/news/updates/post_2164.php
E-Mail address 051700@city.katsushika.lg.jp

Business period -
From May 27, 2019 to June 16, 2019

Access ・For the JR, Keisei Line Kanamachi Station Keisei bus (from south exit) "Togasaki switchyard, Yashio Station south exit" (gold 61) or Keisei bus (from north exit) "3, Nishimizumoto, Oba River water gate" (gold 62) going "Oh, is foot on foot from Shobuen" from "Mizumotokoen" on five minutes or Keisei bus (from south exit) "Mizumotokoen circulation bus" (gold 63) (only on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays); one minute [each Mizumotokoen venue]
・Is foot from Keisei Line Horikiri-Shobuen Station; ten minutes [Horikirishobuen venue]  ※On Saturday and Sunday during festival period, we circulate through Horikirishobuen, Mizumotokoen, Kanamachi Station, Shibamata Sakra Deranam Indra, and "and iris circulation bus" travels.

Rate Free of charge

Plant ・Sweet flag: Horikirishobuen/200 kinds, 6,000 Mizumotokoen/100 kinds, 14,000 stocks

The site Horikirishobuen, Mizumotokoen