Inamuragasaki cape


Culture historic spot

Kanagawa | Kamakura-shi

It has ever led to the west end of south of Yuigahama Beach with Mt. Ryouzen in cascade to push out, but we are cut now on driveway and are seen like island. When Yoshisada Nitta attacks Kamakura in 1333 (Genkou 3), story that let we cast sword of car with gold accessories in the sea, and the tide go down is famous. Monument of German Dr. Roberto Koch who is famous for tubercle bacillus, Vibrio cholera discovery stands. In addition, western hill of cape becomes Inamuragasaki Park, and monument of Yoshisada Nitta and memorial service monument of boat accident known as song of "mine of pure white Fuji" stand, and promenade is established. The prospects from here become Kanagawa picturesque scenery 50 selections appointed place.

Basic information
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The location Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa Inamura ka saki 1

Access ・It is five minutes on foot from Inamuragasaki Station

Visit, the time required 30 minutes

The times Kamakura
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