Worshipping at Seven Years Old (the National Important Cultural Property Matsuo Shrine )

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Niigata | Tokamachi-shi

Worshipping at Seven Years Old is a rare traditional event where six-year-old boys (turning seven this year) challenge to climb to Matsuo Shrine located on the top of Mt. Matsuo at 360-meter high. Families and relatives of boys who succeeded to worship and were purified by the chief priest will throw a party and celebrates his growth near the shrine. In addition, local people open toy stores on the mountaintop and the families and relatives usually buy toys for the boys as a celebration of his success in worship.

Basic information

The location 〒942-1504 Inubushi, Tookamachi-shi, Niigata
Reference Tokamachi-shi tourist association matsudai office
TEL 025-597-3000
FAX 025-597-2300

Business period -
May 8, 2019 ※The every year same day ※Early-morning ... around the daytime (preparing person begins to climb from around 5:00 a.m.)

Access ・It is ten minutes by car from Hokuetsu district express Hokuhoku Line Matsudai Station It is 20 minutes on foot from mountain trail entrance parking lot

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[Others] Parking lot normal car: Three ※As on the day parking lot becomes full immediately, please arrive by foot or taxi ※There is not parking lot of large car