Small Lights Kanakura Manteo

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Ishikawa | Wajima-shi

About 20,000 small lanterns light up the precincts of five Kanakura temples (the Kanakura Temple, the Kyogan Temple, the Entoku Temple, the Shogan Temple, and the Shoraku Temple). Aaprt from the dream-like atmosphere created by the light of the lanterns and performances of traditional musical instruments, various kinds of events are also held as a part of the festival.

Basic information

The location Wajima, Ishikawa municipalities Nomachi
Reference The gold storehouse Manteo executive committee secretariat
TEL 0768-32-1507

Business period Holding
The Thursday, August 16, 2018 from 16:00 to 21:00 every year same day

Access ・Is car from noetsujidoshadonotokuuko IC; to 40 minutes Konzoji

Rate Free of charge

The site The gold storehouse five temple precincts and the outskirts
Konzoji, keiganji, Japanese yen virtue temple, original wish temple, Shorakuji