Tsu Festival


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Sacred rites

Mie | Tsu-shi

The Tsu Festival started when Todo the Second Lord Takatsugu established a festival for the deity of the Hachiman Shrine. This is held in all its grandeur in the beginning of October every year. There are many highlights of the festival such as the Takatora Jidai Parade where warriors in armor walk around the city, and the Shago Horse and Takatora Drum events which are very popular. The Tojin Dance, in particular, which has a history of 370 years, is very entertaining. People wearing funny masks and dressed in gorgeous costumes of people from foreign lands, perform unique dances as a part of the procession. It is said that it mimics the envoys from Korea, and it is designated as an important Intangible Cultural Property by Mie Prefecture. Moreover, a popular event, Anotsu Yosakoi, has been increasing in participants and audiences and this year it will be performed mainly at the Castle West Park, the Tsu Station, and the Tsu Shinmachi-dori.

Basic information
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The location 〒514-0035 23, Nishimarunouchi, Tsu-shi, Mie
Reference The Tsu Festival executive committee secretariat (the sightseeing in Tsu-shi promotion section)
TEL 059-229-3234
Homepage http://tsukanko.jp/

Business period -
From October 9, 2020 to October 11, 2020 ※Nine days ago night festival

Access ・It is 0 minutes by sanko bus from JR, Kintetsu Nagoya Line Tsu Station It is 0 minutes on foot from "triple hall" bus stop

The site Around around west area of a castle park Phoenix Street others
The number of the viewers (a year) About 300,000 people