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In the Kamakura period, an initiator, Daihi Bosatsu Kakujo said “Do not kill. Offering your blood is also a kind of Bodhisattva training” when his disciple was about to hit a mosquito. Respecting this virtue, people started dedicating gorgeous heart-shaped fans. This is said to be the beginning of this festival. It is said that illness and monsters will go away after receiving the fan.

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The location 〒630-8032 13-46, Gojocho, Nara-shi, Nara
TEL 0742-33-7900
FAX 0742-33-5266
Reference Toshodaiji Temple
〒630-8032 13-46, Gojocho, Nara-shi, Nara
TEL 0742-33-7900
FAX 0742-33-5266
Homepage http://www.toshodaiji.jp/about_spring.html

Business period -
The May 19, 2020 every year same day ※It becomes only Buddhist memorial service, and there is no general participation of paper fan firewood this year.

Access ・It is eight minutes on foot from Kintetsu Kashihara Line Nishinokyo Station
・It is 17 minutes by bus for Article 6 mountain from JR, Kintetsu-Nara Station It is 0 minutes immediately on foot from Toshodai-ji Temple

Rate Free of charge

The site Toshodaiji Temple