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Yamaguchi | Hofu-shi

This festival started in the Kamakura period. Crops are dedicated to show gratitude for a good harvest in the current year and to pray for a good harvest the next year. In addition, this is a nationwide rare ritual of offering laughter three times to the gods.

Basic information

The location 〒747-1232 Hofu-shi, Yamaguchi larger section of a village avenue
Reference Hofu-shi tourist association
〒747-0029 11-19, Matsuzakicho, Hofu-shi, Yamaguchi
TEL 0835-25-2148
Homepage https://visit-hofu.jp

Business period -
Sunday every year first Sunday, December 2, 2018 in December

Access ・It is 15 minutes on foot from JR Daido Station
・It is 15 minutes by car from Sanyo Expressway Hofu west IC
・It is 15 minutes by car from Sanyo Expressway Hofu east IC

The site Avenue Omata district (organizer's house of the year)