[cancellation] Kusano waits; corner Museum


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Sacred rites

Fukuoka | Kurume-shi

※For extended prevention of new coronavirus infectious disease, holding of 2020 was called off. Old house which we cannot usually look at, art, culture information which reaches there about Kusano-cho where old cityscape remains are opened to the public.

Basic information
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The location Kusanomachi, Kurume-shi, Fukuoka
Reference Kusano waits; the corner Museum executive committee secretariat (Kusano precinct community center)
TEL 0942-47-0002
FAX 0942-47-0002
Homepage http://kusano-c.lolipop.jp/

Business period -
The beginning of November, 2020 (plan)

Access ・Use of Nishitetsu bus 25th, "Yoshikinishi" ... "Kusano station square" get off JR/Nishitetsu "Kurume Station" by bus for 0 minutes
・Is car from Kyushu Expressway Kurume IC; to the 20 minutes Hita area (prefectural road Route 151 goes)
・It is 0 minutes on foot from Kyudai Main Line "Chikugo-Kusano Station"

The site The Kusanomachi, Kurume-shi whole area

Parking lot 50 300 free contact agriculture park 165 Kusano precinct community center 20 Kusano Elementary School athletic grounds 35 Kurume Tsubakien Ten camellia building of the Satoyoshi tree of azalea, camellia pocket park 20 Kurume-shi world