Amamiya Shrine (forest of Totoro)


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Shinto shrine Buddhist temple

Kumamoto | Sagara-mura, Kuma-gun

We ask, and, at the time of severe drought of 1472, public ga rain sequel to is informed by prayer 31-syllable Japanese poem for the Sagara feudal clan twelfth charges when we are given as it rained suddenly in the middle of to Hitoyoshi. Because forest of Amamiya Shrine resembles forest of Totoro coming out to movie "My Neighbor Totoro" of Director Hayao Miyazaki, we call villager with "forest of Totoro".

Basic information
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The location 〒868-0093 Kawabe, Sagara-mura, Kuma-gun, Kumamoto
Reference Sagara-mura industrial development section
〒868-8501 2500-1, Fukami, Sagara-mura, Kuma-gun, Kumamoto
TEL 0966-35-1034
FAX 0966-35-0011

Access ・It is 20 minutes by bus from Hitoyoshi Station

Visit, the time required 20 minutes

The foundation generation 1429-1441