Lake Miyajima


Natural scenery

Hokkaido | Bibai-shi

Because a lot of migratory birds such as wild goose and whistling swan raise Lake Miyajima in spring in autumn, it is valuable place enrolled in Ramsar Convention. State that wild goose more than up to 60,000 flies away all at once early in the morning, and crosses file from all directions in state and the evening toward neighboring rice fields, and comes back to marsh is scene which we cannot express with words and picture.

Basic information
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The location 〒Three wards of 072-0057 Nishibibaichoomagari, Bibai-shi, Hokkaido
Reference Lake Miyajima waterfowl, damp ground center
〒Three wards of 072-0057 Nishibibaichoomagari, Bibai-shi, Hokkaido
TEL 0126-66-5066

Access ・It is 27 minutes by bus from Bibai Station

Area 31
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