Yurappu River

Yu lap Gawa

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Hokkaido | Yakumo-cho, Futami-gun

It is meaning of "you rapu" and good "river which hot spring flows" through by Ainu. Hot spring begins to breed in the upper reaches of Namarikawa that is one of the branches, and there is Yakumo hot spring. Length is 28.5km, and dam and dam keep nature that there is not, and it is in river where there is few where there remained which 100,000 salmon goes up every year in autumn, and lays eggs naturally. Furthermore, a lot of Steller's sea-eagle white-tailed sea eagles of natural monument come flying in winter and can watch elegant figure. Traffic access displays perfect "clear stream-based Iwahashi" to see going up of salmon.

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The location Yakumo-cho, Futami-gun, Hokkaido
Reference Yakumo-cho business and industry sightseeing misgovernment leads to the impoverishment of the people section
〒049-3192 138, Sumizomecho, Yakumo-cho, Futami-gun, Hokkaido
TEL 0137-62-2116
FAX 0137-62-2149
Homepage http://www.town.yakumo.lg.jp/

Access ・It is distance to clear stream Tateiwa Bridge by car from Yakumo Station for 15 minutes It is distance to clear stream Tateiwa Bridge by car from Hokkaido Expressway Yakumo IC for five minutes