Okanoyama Museum of Art, Nishiwaki

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Art museum

Hyogo | Nishiwaki-shi

For work display and local action of world-famous artist Tadanori Yokoo from Nishiwaki-shi, building by Arata Isozaki design was completed in June, 1984 and opened in October. The appearance was designed in the image of train of three connections that stopped at platform. There is arched roof supported by column letting you image Greek shrine in entrance. In hall, there is unique building characterizing our art museum called "meditation room" which can be absorbed in meditation while feeling pyramid power.

Basic information

The location 〒677-0039 345-1, Kamihiecho, Nishiwaki-shi, Hyogo
TEL 0795-23-6223
Reference Okanoyama Museum of Art, Nishiwaki
〒677-0039 345-1, Kamihiecho, Nishiwaki-shi, Hyogo
TEL 0795-23-6223
FAX 0795-23-6223
Homepage http://www.nishiwaki-cs.or.jp/okanoyama-museum/
E-Mail address okanoyamamuseum@galaxy.ocn.ne.jp

Business period Opening time
In the case of holiday, we are closed on Monday during the next day and display spare period on Sunday and Monday of holiday, the following day

Access ・It is one minute from getting off at JR Kakogawa Line Nihon-Hesokoen Station on foot

Rate High school student 210 yen (as for the university student the same amount)
Primary schoolchild 110 yen (as for the junior high student the same amount)
310 yen for adults

Visit, the time required 30 minutes

The number of the people of admission (a year) 15,000 people

Barrier-free facilities Wheelchair-adaptive slope
Braille guidance
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