Onneyu Onsen Town Yuki-monogatari 2020

Onneyu Onsen Town Yuki-monogatari 2020

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Hokkaido | Rubeshibechoonneyuonsen, Kitami-shi dream open space, city area

This illumination event is held in the Onneyu Onsen Town (hot spring), which celebrates its 120th anniversary this year. 10,000 illuminated bulbs will adorn the town, embraced with vapor from hot springs, until early March, 2020. The illuminations are mainly located in Onsen Yume Park, situated on the banks of the Mukagawa river, and in the streets of the Onneyu Onsen Town. We start launching fireworks on Saturday, January 11 for 6 consecutive weeks every Saturday. Skyrocket and stalls form a line for 4 consecutive weeks every Saturday from Saturday, January 25, and the deferred head does business until 20:00, and aquarium of the north earth enlivens event, too. Fireworks are hot water districts of waterfall, but (2/22).

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Basic information

Access (railroad) It is bus about 15 minutes from JR Rubeshibe Station
Access (car) It is about 1 hour 30 minutes from Asahikawa Monbetsu Michigami River Sounkyo IC
Access (others) It is car about 1 hour 40 minutes from Memanbetsu Airport
Parking lot None
Reference onneyu hot-spring village snow story executive committee 0157-45-2921
URL http://www.onneyuonsen.jp/
Crowd of usual 5,500 (total number of persons)
Holding time From Sunday, December 1, 2019 to the beginning of March, 2020
Type and the number of lights 10,000
Catch phrase We create night when 10,000 triangular art objects colored by illuminations are fantastic

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