Happiness Corridor Nara Rurie

Nara | The Nara-shi Nara Park whole area

The Happiness Corridor Nara Rurie event welcomes visitors to the beautiful world of ruri-e (the noble azure illumination). The corridor of light connects the representative shrine and temples of Nara: Kasuga-taisha Shrine, Kofuku-ji Temple, and Todai-ji Temple. Illuminations are held at Nara Kasugano International Forum and approach paths to Kasuga Taisha Shrine, Kofuku Temple and Todai Temple are lit up that will hold a special opening time for worshipping at night.

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Basic information

Access (railroad) In front of getting off at for getting off at Kintetsu-Nara Station foot from five minutes to ten minutes or JR Nara Station city circulation bus ten minutes Hall of the Great Buddha Kasuga Taisha Shrine getting off
Access (car) North at Route 24 from west Meihan Expressway way Koriyama IC, the Nara Park area. Or it is Toshin, the Nara Park area on the second Hanna toll road Horai lamp or Hanna road. Or south at Route 24 from kyonawadonaryokita IC, the Nara Park area.
Parking lot None
Reference Then it is lapis lazuli picture executive committee 0742-20-0214
Holding time From Thursday, February 8, 2018 to Wednesday, February 14
From 18:00 to 21:00
Kind and the number of lights LED (number is non-publication)

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