Tsumagoi Sound Ilumination

Shizuoka | 2000, Tamari, Kakegawa-shi

The immensity presents illuminations that are full of about 2 million pitches of color on the stage of nature in mysterious atmosphere by sound with tsuma love resort Aya town (sainosato) sound illuminations light. irumi and cute photospot reflecting the image of forest where animal lives in come up this year. Let's enjoy mysterious irumi where music fused with light.

Information of publication may be changed without notice. Please confirm before outing to reference.

Basic information

Access (railroad) From JR Kakegawa Station taxi or free shuttle bus (... 21:00 at 9:00 - 00 minutes an hour)
Access (car) It is about 15 minutes to Tomei Expressway Kakegawa IC front (the north) gate
Parking lot Pay (200 yen/)
Reference tsuma love resort Aya town 0537-24-1111
Crowd of average year About 100,000 (during period)
Holding time From Saturday, October 26, 2019 to Tuesday, June 30, 2020
Sunset - 21:00 (last entrance 20:30)
Kind and the number of lights LED200 ten thousand unit
Catch phrase Color of the tsuma love sound illuminations four seasons

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