Tsumagoi Sound Ilumination

Shizuoka | 2000, Tamari, Kakegawa-shi

The new Tsumagoi illumination created using two million lights and the latest technology under the supervision of world famous designers and expert reviewers of night views presents the Rose Garden of Lights in which visitors can experience the dreamy world of the Earth full of love and starry heavens. With the theme of "Love", a word associated with the rose flower, this entertainment of music and lights held at Tsumakoi surrounded with great nature presents various kinds of "love" including between a couple, in the family, in friendship, and in the feeling of gratitude. The five-meter rose bouquet that is a symbol of the rose garden presents the world of eternal love and strong ties. Visitors feel as if they have strayed into a fantasy world as they enter the rose garden decorated with colorful lights and music. This is naturally followed by a happy ending in the end, and visitors experience emotions similar to the main character in the happy-ending story. Please enjoy a special time with your beloved one.

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Basic information

Access (railroad) From JR Kakegawa Station taxi or free shuttle bus (... 21:00 at 9:00 - 00 minutes an hour)
Access (car) It is approximately 15 minutes to Tomei Expressway Kakegawa IC front (the north) gate
Parking lot Pay
Reference tsuma love resort Aya town 0537-24-1111
Holding time From Saturday, October 28, 2017 to Sunday, April 8, 2018
Sunset - 21:00 (last entrance 20:30)
Kind and the number of lights LED200 ten thousand unit
Catch phrase 2 million brightness falls in forest of "fantasy show of Rose garden and starlit sky of light" tsuma love

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