YOMIURI LAND Jewellumination (R) - jewelry Olympos ...

YOMIURI LAND Jewellumination (R) - jewelry Olympos ...

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YOMIURI LAND Jewellumination (R) - jewelry Olympos - information site

Tokyo | 4015-1, Yanokuchi, Inagi-shi YOMIURI LAND

Mikiko Ishii of world-famous lighting designer produces only jewel-colored illuminations "Jewellumination" (R) this year in the world. This theme to become the tenth anniversary world "jewelry Olympos" of Greek myth. Using 6.5 million pitches of record high, 12 fantastic new areas come up. Very popular fountain show increases to record high and adds laser and direction of flame every year. 60m in width, 15m in height, outstanding fountain show using 242 fountains in Japan are must-see. You can enjoy sled play to slide down from the climax of night-limited attraction and light including roller coaster "sutaraitobandetto" running at full speed in night sky, various activities such as ice skating to run on while being surrounded by illuminations more.

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Basic information

Access (railroad) It is bus about ten minutes from gondola "sky shuttle" or bus about 5-10 share or Odakyu Line Yomiurilandmae Station from Keio Line Keio-Yomiuriland Station
Access (car) It is about eight from about 5km or Tomei Expressway Kawasaki IC from about 2km or Chofu IC from Chuo Expressway Inagi IC㎞
Parking lot Pay
Reference YOMIURI LAND 044-966-1111
Crowd of average year It is before and after 10,000 on the weekend
Holding time From Thursday, October 24, 2019 to May 6, 2020 (water, transfer holiday) ■Closed days: November 1, 2019, January, 2020 20-23 days, February 4-6 days, March 10 ※Only as for amusement park business Japanese-Chinese in March, 2020 on weekdays of 2-19 days and April 6-24 days, 27.28 days, 30th, May 1.
16:00-20:30 (it varies according to time)
Kind and the number of lights LED650 ten thousand unit
Catch phrase 6.5 million pitches of this year record-high glitters to reach the tenth anniversary! Jewel illuminations only in the world

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