Ukitsu beach


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Kochi | Kuroshio-cho, Hata-gun

Ukitsu beach where scenery which expects prolonged sandy beach, Irino-Matsubara from the west when it is white of wave flocking from the shallow for a good distance from the shore sea is splendid. There is campsite, too and can enjoy sea bathing relaxedly. It is along national highway, and convenience is good, too, and there are guest house or michi-no-eki "bios ogata" in the outskirts.

Basic information
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The location 〒789-1911 3557, Ukibuchi, Kuroshio-cho, Hata-gun, Kochi
Reference Person in charge of Kuroshio-cho government office industry promotion room sightseeing
〒789-1992 5893, Irino, Kuroshio-cho, Hata-gun, Kochi
TEL 0880-43-2113
FAX 0880-43-2060
E-Mail address

Business period Establishment
We are closed in 9:00-17:00 summer for from July 8, 2018 to August 31, 2018 by weather, the situation of the sea

Access ・It is 1.9km Tosa Kuroshio Current railroad local train by car from Ukibuchi Station for nine minutes
・It is 0.7km Tosa Kuroshio Current railroad local train on foot from Umino-Omukae Station for ten minutes
・It is 36km by car from 40,010 center IC for 48 minutes
・It is 14km by car from Shimanto-shi for 25 minutes

Manager Ukitsu district
Beachline 200
Sandy beach width 70
Number of users (a year) 4,075 people
Time The early July and late August

Outdoor facility Beach 1 rest station, locker room, restroom, shower
Other campsites (pay), cooking ridges (pay) ※We do not accept advance reservations.
Parking lot Free of charge 55
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