Sukayu Onsen, Jigoku-numa (Hell Pond)

Sukayu Onsen, Jigoku-numa (Hell Pond)
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Usual data
[The leaves are at their best] It is the beginning of October
[Best time] the middle of October

Aomori| Among Mt. Hakkoda,Aomori-shi

Sukayu Onsen is famous for its large public bath, also called the "Sen-nin-buro" or the "1000-person bath", that has an area of 80 tsubos made entirely with hiba wood. With the Jigoku-numa (Hell Pond) in the vicinity one can enjoy viewing the autumn foliage.

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Basic information

Recommended spot Steam steamed bun, Sukayu campground
Access (railroad) "Sukayu hot spring" getting off is immediate from JR Aomori Station or JR Shin-Aomori Station for JR bus about 1 hour 40 minutes for the Lake Towada area
Access (car) It is about 55 minutes via Route 103 from blue forest path Aomori center IC
Parking lot Free of charge
Reference Sukayu hot spring 017-738-6400
Sightseeing in Aomori-shi interchange information center 017-723-4670
Type of main plant turning red Beech, Japanese oak, maple, birch
Time The beginning of October  The middle of October 

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