Lake Towada, Towada Odate Jukai Line

Lake Towada, Towada Odate Jukai Line
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The vicinity of Lake Towada, Towada Odate sea of trees line information site

Usual data
It is the early October and mid-October [we begin to reach puberty]
[Best time] the mid-October and early November

Akita | Lake Tozawada National Park,Towadako,Kosaka-machi

The colorful autumn foliage begins at the outer rim of the volcanic crater of Lake Towada gradually approaching the shores of the lake. The contrast with the azure surface of the lake is truly beautiful, and the autumn colored leaves seen from the pleasure boats are exceptionally beautiful. The best season at the Oirase Gorge is a week later.

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Basic information

Recommended spot Purple light bower observation deck, Hakkatoge Observatory, the shore of Lake Towada Saiko promenade
Access (car) (Lake Towada) is about 45 minutes from Tohoku Expressway Kosaka IC
Parking lot Free of charge
Reference Lake Towada synthesis information desk 0176-75-2425
Kosaka-town Tourism Industry Section 0186-29-3908
Association of souvenirs and tourist Hachimantai-Towada 0186-23-2019
Type of main plant turning red Maple, maple, lacquer, beech, wig, wild vine
Time The beginning of October  The middle of October  The end of October  The beginning of November 

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