Komatsu-ji Temple

Komatsu-ji Temple

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  • Light up, night admirationLight up
  • Buddhist temple and Shinto shrine, gardenBuddhist temple and Shinto shrine, garden
  • Colored leaves FestivalThere is colored leaves Festival
Color information
The leaves are still at their best The leaves are still at their best A little beyond the peak season, the leaves are still at their best. (as of December 7, 2017)

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Average year data
It is the middle of November [we begin changing color]
[Best time] the late November and early December

Chiba | 1057,Onuki,Chikura-cho,Minamiboso-shi

The view of the colored leaves of the big maple tree is spectacular. The bronze Juichimen Kannon statue or the "Eleven-faced Goddess of Mercy" (National Important Cultural Property), and the Bonsho temple bell (Prefecture Designated Cultural Asset) is famous.

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Basic information

Recommended spot The Komatsuji precincts
Access (railroad) It is approximately 8 minutes by car from JR Chikura Station
Access (car) It is approximately 25 minutes from Futtsu Tateyama road Tomiura IC
Parking lot Free of charge
Reference Minamiboso-shi tourist association Chikura information desk 0470-44-3581
Colored leaves Festival We have event including outdoor tea ceremony on Komatsuji maple Festival November 26, 2017 [reference: 0470-44-2502, Komatsuji].
Kind of main plant turning red Maple, ginkgo, maple
Facebook Minamiboso-shi, Chiba
Time The middle of November  The end of November  The beginning of December 

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