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Arashiyama information site

Usual data
It is the middle of November [we begin to reach puberty]
[Best time] the late November and early December

Kyoto | Arashiyama,Ukyo-ku, Kyoto-shi

Against the backdrop of Arashiyama dyed in the brocade of red and yellow colors, is the gracefully curving Togetsu-kyo Bridge, a scenery that is very famous.

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Basic information

Recommended spot Togetsu-kyo Bridge
Access (railroad) It is about 10 minutes on foot from JR Saga-Arashiyama Station
Getting off at Keifuku Arashiyama Line Arashiyama Station or getting off at Hankyu Arashiyama Line Arashiyama Station is approximately 5 minutes on foot
Access (car) It is about 40 minutes via Route 1 from Meishin Expressway Kyoto south IC
Traffic instructions [traffic instructions] please use public transport.
Parking lot Pay
Reference Kyoto tourist information center 075-343-0548
Colored leaves Festival Arashiyama Momiji Festival November 10, 2019 <Sunday every year second in November> [reference: ransanhoshokai 075-861-0012]
Type of main plant turning red Maple, Japanese maple
Time The middle of November  The end of November  The beginning of December 

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