Mt. Myogi

Mt. Myogi

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  • Buddhist temple and Shinto shrine, gardenBuddhist temple and Shinto shrine, garden
  • It is hot spring nearHot spring is near
  • Colored leaves FestivalThere is colored leaves Festival

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Usual data
It is the end of October [we begin to reach puberty]
[Best time] the early November and late November

Gunma | Tomioka-shi,Shimonita-machi,Annaka-shi

Mt. Myogi is the general name of Mt. Hakun, Mt. Kondo and Mt. Kinkei and it is one of the top “Three Mountains of Jomo” known for their regal magnificence. The Myougi Koyo Line is a free road which links Shimonita-machi to Tomioka-shi through the foot of Mount Myogi. In autumn, one can enjoy the beautiful contrast between the steep rocks and the colorful autumn foliage.

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Basic information

Recommended spot Colored leaves of Mount Myogi whole view to look at from Mount Myogi panorama park, colored leaves of "view of day living" to see from the fourth gate stone
Access (railroad) It is about 10 minutes by car from JR Matsuida Station
It is about 25 minutes by car from Joshin Dentetsu Shimo-Nita Station
Access (car) It is about five minutes from Joshinetsu Expressway Matsuida Myougi IC
It is about 30 minutes from Joshinetsu Expressway Shimonita IC
Access (others) It is about 25 minutes by taxi from Joshin Dentetsu Joshu-Tomioka Station
Parking lot Free of charge
Reference (one) Tomioka-shi tourist association 0274-62-6001
Shimonita-machi industrial development section 0274-82-2111
Annaka-shi business and industry sightseeing section 027-382-1111
Colored leaves Festival Mount Myogi colored leaves Festival November 3, 2019 plan [reference: Myougi center public hall 0274-73-3053]
Type of main plant turning red Maple, maple
Other information One-day hot spring in Mount Myogi panorama park can see colored leaves from open-air bath of "hot water of Myougi contact plaza Myougi hot spring maple". In addition, the accommodations have a Myougi inn street at door front of Myougi Shrine.
Facebook Tomioka-shi tourist association
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Time The end of October  The beginning of November  The middle of November  The end of November 

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