Mt. Ushitaki

Mt. Ushitaki
  • WaterfallWaterfall
  • Buddhist temple and Shinto shrine, gardenBuddhist temple and Shinto shrine, garden
  • It is hot spring nearHot spring is near
  • Colored leaves FestivalThere is colored leaves Festival

Usual data
It is the beginning of November [we begin to reach puberty]
[Best time] the mid-November and late November

Osaka | 1178-1,Ohsawa-cho,Kishiwada-shi

With waterfalls of various sizes, large and small, this place is known as a famous spot for viewing the colorful maple leaves. Located here is the Mt. Ushitaki Daiitoku-ji Temple said to have been built by En no Gyoja. In the Mt. Ushitaki Momiji Festival, japanese confectionery, local sake, and danjiri toy goods sales will be conducted including raffles for winning the Grand Prize.

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Basic information

Recommended spot Large authority virtue temple, Ushitaki Onsen four seasons festival
Access (railroad) "Beef Takiyama" getting off foot is immediate from Nankai Railway Corporation Nankai Main Line Kishiwada Station for Nankai bus about 50 minutes
"Beef Takiyama" getting off foot is immediate from JR Kumeda Station for Nankai bus about 40 minutes
Access (car) It is about 40 minutes from the Hanshin Expressway 4-go Wangansen Kishiwada north exit
It is about 20 minutes from Hanwa Expressway Izumi, Kishiwada exit
Parking lot Pay
Reference Sightseeing in Kishiwada-shi promotion association 072-436-0914
Kishiwada-shi charm creation department sightseeing section 072-423-9486
Colored leaves Festival Beef Takiyama Momiji Festival November 23, 2019 [reference: Kishiwada-shi sightseeing promotion association 072-436-0914]
Type of main plant turning red Japanese maple, ginkgo
Color information homepage
Time The beginning of November  The middle of November  The end of November 

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