Hira Range

Hira Range

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Average year data
[The leaves begin to color]It is the middle of October
[Best time] the beginning of November

Shiga | Kitahira,Otsu-shi

It includes Mt. Bunagatake, Mt. Uchimi, and Mt. Horai that together as a mountain range are also called the Alps of Kansai. The view of Lake Biwa and the mountains decorated with the autumn foliage from the top of the mountain looks like a picture scroll of brocade.

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Basic information

Recommended spot Biwako Valley ropeway
Access (railroad) It is starting point of a mountain climb from JR Hira Station in about one hour on foot
Access (car) It is about ten minutes from Shiga Bypass Hira lamp via Nishiotsu Bypass, Kosai road from Meishin Expressway Kyoto east IC
Parking lot Free of charge
Reference Shiga Tourism Association 077-592-0378
Time The middle of October  The end of October  The beginning of November 

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