Nasu-machi Yumoto

Nasu-machi Yumoto
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Usual data
[The leaves begin to color]It is the middle of October
[Best time] the mid-October and late October

Tochigi | Yumoto,Nasu-machi

When the colored leaves of Mt. Nasu-dake come to the end of the color changing season, the autumn colors of the Onsen (hot-spring) resort begin. The area around the Onsen-jinja Shrine and the Sesshoseki Rocks is a popular attraction.

Information of publication may be changed without notice. Please confirm before outing to reference.

Basic information

Recommended spot Nasu Onsen Shrine, killing stone
Access (railroad) It is bus about 50 minutes from JR Nasu-Shiobara Station
Access (car) It is about 12km from Tohoku Expressway Nasu IC
Parking lot Free of charge
Reference (one) Nasu-machi tourist association 0287-76-2619
Sightseeing in Nasu-machi business and industry section 0287-72-6918
Type of main plant turning red Rowan, maple, Enkianthus perulatus, cherry blossoms, Quercus crispula
Facebook Nasu-machi tourist association
Time The middle of October  The end of October 

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