Misogoro Festival

Miso Goro Matsuri

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Sacred rites

Nagasaki | Minamishimabara-shi

The statue of Misogoro was built based on this old story passed down in this area. By festival, event in connection with somen including somen tasting party is held. In addition, contents including display spot sale of marine products produced in neighborhood are varied.

Basic information
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The location 〒859-2212 Nishiariechosukawa, Minamishimabara-shi, Nagasaki mall
Reference Misogoro Festival executive committee
TEL 0957-82-2333
Homepage https://www.nagasaki-tabinet.com/event/50397/

Business period -
From November 2, 2019 to November 3, 2019

Access ・It is two minutes on foot from Shimabara Railroad west Uge Station

The site Nishiariechosukawa, Minamishimabara-shi, Nagasaki mall