Mt. Misen


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Natural scenery

Nara | Tenkawa-mura, Yoshino-gun

Mt. Misen where deepest-placed shrine of Tianhe fluency of speech fortune shrine dedicated to the heavenly gods was had religious service of was considered to be sacred place as God of water for a long time. It was named Mt. Misen from Sumeru that expressed view of the world of Buddhism. It is the central mountains of daiho. Remains which are in the latter half of the Nara era are excavated near the top, and it seems that there was prayer for a long time. There are ta, Mt. Misen accommodation of the daihoshichijugonabiki kino 54th and, as for the season from May through November, is done business stationed mountain hut of manager. Flowering of "magnolia" appointed to natural monument in saddle of Mt. Misen and eight Kyougatake in around July is thought to be.

Basic information
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The location 〒638-0303 Oaza, Tenkawa-mura, Yoshino-gun, Nara north corner
Reference The Tenkawa-mura synthesis information desk
〒638-0301 263-1, Kawaai, Tenkawa-mura, Yoshino-gun, Nara
TEL 0747-63-0999
FAX 0747-63-0888
E-Mail address [email protected]

Access ・Bus "Amakawa Kawai" for for Dorogawa Onsen and medium Iosumi gets off Kintetsu Shimoichi-Guchi Station by bus for 64 minutes Is foot from Amakawa Kawai by taxi from the Gyojagaeri Tunnel west exit from Amakawa Kawai to the Gyojagaeri Tunnel west exit with starting point of a mountain climb for 40 minutes; from the Gyojagaeri Tunnel west exit with 180 minutes starting point of a mountain climb to Mt. Misen

Altitude 1,895m
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