News of 2019 Nagasaki lantern festival main event schedule


2019 Nagasaki lantern festival lighting type of Tuesday, February 5 for first run,
It is held until Tuesday, February 19. Event that is full of the middle most beautiful woman in a country is developed during period.
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■Lighting time: 17:00-22:00 (only on lighting-type day on 18:00-22:00, Friday, Saturday until 23:00)

■Main event schedule

Tuesday, February 5 17:30-18:00 [lighting type] Chinatown Area Chinatown venue (So Park)/Central Park venue

Saturday, February 9 14:00-16:30 [the emperor parade] Central Park → Chinatown Area Chinatown (So Park)

Sunday, February 10 10:00-14:30 [handmade lantern corner] bell nerd Kanko-dori St.

Sunday, February 10 13:00-16:15 [*sokoretsu] Confucius joss house → Kofukuji temple

... Chinatown Area Chinatown (So Park) from Saturday, February 16 14:00-16:30 [the emperor parade] Central Park

Sunday, February 17 10:00-13:30 [handmade lantern corner] bell nerd Kanko-dori St.

Sunday, February 17 13:00-16:15 [*sokoretsu] Kofuku-ji Temple → Confucius joss house

Monday, February 18 19:30 (reception desk 15:00 ...) [the sky lantern] Izushima front gate bridge park
※It was planned on Friday, February 15, but postpones on Monday, February 18 because it is forecast with bad weather.

Distribution free on Tuesday, February 19 for 17:30-[the Feast of Lanterns dumpling of happiness] Sofuku-ji Temple first arrival 500 people

■Every day held event
・Dragon dance, Chinese folk arts and crafts, performance of erhu performance

・Lantern saruku (at/15:30 at 10:00)

・Visiting candle prayer four temples

・Nagasaki love lantern

Nagasaki lantern festival feature is this

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