[Tokyo] Between guesthouse dynasty ⽇ about temporary exhibition (7/4-9/10)

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News from guesthouse

About "during the morning sun which we repaired for about two years from February, 2017," we restarted exhibition from this April. In commemoration of this, we start "temporary exhibition on Thursday, July 4 during the morning sun" during (when period is shortened, there is) until Tuesday, September 10. By book exhibition, you can walk over cotton carpet which we used between Asahi before repair and display erarupiano related to the Imperial Family with photograph at the time. In addition, put carpets of each site in the guesthouse together with display that touches directly, and can check feel of a material and offer distribution of photo guidebook which renovated photograph between the morning sun after repair.

 We carry out public (we light up the main building) by night on Monday on 12th from Saturday, August 10.
 Please visit guesthouse at this opportunity with your friends.

At public start time of July 4, it is from 1:00 p.m. In addition, we are going to perform piano concert in the morning in the hall.
   (as for the details https://www.geihinkan.go.jp/akasaka/akasaka_news/asahisp_ensoukai/)
[note] As visit charges are usually different from rate, during period of this display, please be careful.
[note] When we perform service in a hurry, planned general release may be called off.

The details hope that they look at following HP.