<< cancellation >> [Ota-ku, Tokyo] Social experiment business to affect waterside utilization in Haneda Airport ruins "is giving its wings a rest ♪" in solum nerds

[Japanese sightseeing promotion association]

This social experiment business planned conduct, but with outbreak of typhoon No. 19,
Taking the safety of exhibitor and visitors into consideration, it should be cancellation.


haneda ryokuchi

In Ota-ku, we push forward town planning of Haneda Airport ruins (we say "ruins" as follows.) based on "Haneda Airport ruins town planning promotion plan" (October, 2010) and related plans such as "the best zonal maintenance policy (July, 2015) in Haneda Airport ruins".  
 In ruins, we utilize "Haneda Airport ruins kawamachizukuri plan" (March, 2017) in the area including the first zone and the second zone and way of enjoying and bustle of new waterside space where town was united with waterside are made and work.
 As part of this approach, it recruited companies which performed society experiment business for realization of creation of rest, bustle in waterside space full of nature of the Tama River and the use, interchange promotion of waterside.
 We decide business enforcer of "social experiment business to affect waterside utilization in Haneda Airport ruins" recently, and ward will push forward society experiment business on October 12 as approach for opening of river space including way of enjoying and bustle creation in waterside of Haneda Airport ruins in cooperation with this business enforcer.
 As new pleasure of green tract of land among the sky and the Tama River, you move the body, and please experience giving its wings a rest in solum nerds including relaxation under komorebino on that day.
 You invite family, friend, and come to solum nerd Haneda green tract of land by all means.
For more details, it is ↓ Ota-ku HP