We finally start! Nagasaki lantern festival from January 24!

Winter big charming sights "Nagasaki lantern festival" of Nagasaki who assumes event "spring Shichi " celebrating the Lunar New Year in China the origin
During period of from Friday, January 24 to Sunday, February 9, we will hold.

Richly colored lantern (Chinese lantern) of about 15,000 and large art object are fantastic and are displayed in center in Nagasaki-shi and color town.

They are attractive even if they take where, and held stage event and lantern gourmet are attractive every day.

Please come by all means.

2020 Nagasaki lantern festival op-ed pages are this place

[Pre-Event] Friday, January 24, 2020 lighting is 17:00-22:00
※We distribute zenzai in Chinatown Area Chinatown venue, Central Park at the eve from 15:00.

[rear night festival] Sunday, February 9, 2020 lighting is 17:00-21:00

[lighting type] (Chinatown Area Chinatown venue, Central Park venue) from Saturday, January 25, 2020 17:30 [simultaneous lighting 18:00]

■Lighting time: 17:00-22:00 (only on lighting-type day on 18:00-22:00, Friday, Saturday until 23:00)
※But it turns on to 12:00-22:00 about Chinatown Area Chinatown venue, the beach mmachi venue, Central Park venue
※It turns on until ... 23:00 on Saturday on Friday, 8th on Friday, January 31, Saturday, February 1, 7th
※Even if it rains, it turns on.

[information provider]