We hit trial of the latest big ball fireworks

[Ichikawamisato-cho, Yamanashi]
In Ichikawamisato-cho that hosted fireworks festival of Shinmei, we began trial da chino information dispatch of the latest trial fireworks.
We launch six - 7 size balls (the latest trial fireworks) at 19:15 on Friday, February 14.
We hit trial of 7 size ball which is bigger than 5 size ball of fireworks festival maximum size of the Sumida River and do.
Launching place is the Fuefuki River riverbed same as "fireworks festival of Shinmei" that TV program plan is "fireworks festival that you should certainly see that first-class pyrotechnician chooses", and shined in the first place.
You can see even from Chubu-Odan Expressway Masuho PA, michi-no-eki Fuji River parking lot.
We hope that we have you drop in, and you can see between breaks.
 7 size ball: An altitude of 250m opened 220m in diameter (six this time launching)
 5 size ball: An altitude of 190m opened 160m in diameter (maximum of the Sumida River fireworks festival)
Launching pyrotechnician: Margaux
Valentine special plan is open in Ichikawamisato-cho for the same period, too!

Cooperation event: Fantasia ... of February 14 light-up event - light and flame
Fireworks festival 2,019HP of Shinmei
The michi-no-eki Fuji River