Water birakidayo! All the members meeting! See ..., and experience, and taste; and ...

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Water birakidayo! All the members meeting! See ..., and experience, and taste; and ...


We excavate charm of town again and tie them and step forward to the first step made with coming river-cho!
Private company of "Yachiyo-shi, Chiba-shi, Sakura-shi" connected by waterside of Shinkawa, Hanamigawa from Lake Inba put power together
River-cho holds social experiment event of wide area cooperation type for the purpose of making.
It was adopted in "Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, private town planning activity promotion, spread enlightenment business" in 2019
It is town planning project by "Shinkawa waterfront joint venture".
Sakura-shi, Yachiyo-shi, local company of Chiba-shi or local inhabitants meet to all members, workshop of five times in the last one year in total
We repeated.
We hold wide area cooperation type society experiment event of three combination in keyword in VISION called "effectively utilizing "regional independence" of existing area resources" that we set through workshop "network between areas" on March 8.
Please participate.
Shinkawa waterfront joint venture
MAIL: minamo@gpi-group.co.jp TEL: 080-5982-0394
https://peraichi.com/landing pages/view/minamo

<Yachiyo-shi announcement> http://www.city.yachiyo.chiba.jp/11000/page100001_00003.html
<Sakura-shi announcement> http://www.city.sakura.lg.jp/0000026016.html
<Chiba-shi announcement> https://www.city.chiba.jp/toshi/somu/kayakcamp02-hanamigawa2020.html
<the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism> ... private enterprise town planning activity promotion, conduct company of the spread enlightenment activity decision -