[announcement of cancellation] Trip Festival Nagoya 2020

[Japanese sightseeing promotion association]

[announcement of trip Festival Nagoya 2020 cancellation]

"Trip Festival Nagoya 2020" who planned holding on Sunday on Saturday, March 14, 15th will cancel holding this year to prevent new coronavirus infection spread.

Because large number of exhibitors gathers from customer and all over Japan more than 250,000 usual and overseas each place, as for "trip Festival Nagoya", congestion is expected in venue. Therefore, we considered your health and security to the first in executive committee and led to judgment of cancellation. I'm very sorry, but we would appreciate your understanding.

In addition, please note that you do not postpone.

We sincerely apologize to exhibition, support planned all of you for all of you looked forward to again.

Trip Festival Nagoya executive committee