Glitter ... of night sky where Shiga Kogen heavens festival - 2020 soars

National park Shiga Kogen. We overturn concept of night sky! "Shiga Kogen heavens festival" is held this year!
Let's sense night sky largest in Japan bodily! Let's sense night sky largest in Japan bodily!

Application than this

◇September 21 Monday (holiday) Kuma-no-Yu venue
In lift to the 1,960m above sea level mountaintop!
We can thoroughly enjoy night view and beautiful night sky spreading under eyes from the mountaintop "bear terrace".
Leisure sheet is prepared for the mountaintop open space. We lie down, and let's enjoy night sky! There is service of hot coffee☆
After the descent from a mountain, you can enjoy attraction freely.

◇Saturday, October 3 Yokote mountain venue
It is held this year on the Yokote mountaintop! Is lift from astringent juice mountain pass; at a stretch to the mountaintop! We can enjoy night sky spreading from the sky view terrace of 2,307m.
Is CLAN pet cafe; is, and offer service of hot drink and various attractions.

◇Saturday, October 10 east Tateyama venue
In the east Tateyama gondola lift at a stretch to the mountaintop of 2,000m above sea level!
In Sancho Station 2F rest house, we offer service of hot drink and various attractions.
You can enjoy slow night sky from fine-view terrace which you renewed.
In observation field, we offer bench and leisure sheet! Let's observe night sky freely!

◇The Saturday, October 17 Shiga Kogen history Memorial venue
It is held in Maruike Hasuike area where it is easy to access by car.
A certain flavor "former Shiga Kogen hotel" built as national policy hotel is whole venue. It is venue to lie down in very large lawn open space, and to be able to enjoy starlit sky observation, night boat.

◇Saturday, October 24 Shiga Mount Takahara station
As for the final holding, "Shiga Mount Takahara station" up-and-coming as doorway of Shiga Kogen is venue appropriate for final for good venue access, attraction foods.

Held summary

Less than adult 2,000 yen (tax-included) primary schoolchild 1,000 yen primary schoolchild for free
It is included
Some attractions charges, insurance charges, lift gondola ride charges (only in Mt. Kuma-no-Yu, east Tateyama, Yokote venue)
The offer staff
We finish application as soon as it becomes each 80/one time venue capacity
Shiga Kogen inn association youth group
OLYMPUS, Shiga Kogen resort development, Kuma-no-Yu lift, Shiga Kogen Tourism Association, Shiga Kogen inn association, Shiga Kogen cableway association, combination company mountain Discovery, company S & T tourism development

※I will send image data that photographed 1 by email later. ※Meal is not included. (only as for the light meal)  ※In the case of stormy weather, rainy day, it is called off. The conduct right or wrong caused by weather connects over email or telephone. ※We may not see starlit sky. ※Please note that you may be late by weather and traffic condition. ※Attraction and services may be different in each venue. ※Customers under 18 need companion of protector or agreement. ※After running please note that cannot refund. ※(photograph is an image).