Under "#visitmie" - My Autumn Memories ... campaign conduct

Let's share triple autumn charm!
Many ingredients which grow, and are rich such as cycling, grape or mandarin orange which had fun in stillness of Takigawa and colored leaves of Akame 48 Waterfalls and contrast of motion, fine autumn freshness.
We share autumn memory of Mie, and let's get luxurious prize.
Person who has not come to Mie yet can participate!

"#visitmie" - My Autumn Memories ... campaign


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Sightseeing in Mie league official site: Three folds of sightseeing
Ten selections of royal road spots that we want to suppress by triple sightseeing
"First Ise gives up, and Ise Grand Shrine, Okage Yokocho, sightseeing, trip information of Shima, Toba, Ise walk Shima, Ise"
Recommended model course around Shima, Ise (Ise, Toba, Shima), staying in hotel inn information
It is good to women's trip! Seven selections of recommended spots of sightseeing in Ise
Triple gourmet size feature! We introduce recommended shop from Ise lobster, Matsusaka beef to local Seoul foods!
We walk Seki-juku: Sightseeing, trip information site of Tokaido Seki-juku of Kameyama
Shinto shrine, temple feature of Mie! We introduce 23 places of benefit spots causing fortune including Ise Grand Shrine and camellia Ogami Corporation
Instagenic spot is full of Shima Spain village parukeesupanya! It was not only attraction and enjoyed theme park with full of charm♪
From recommended campground feature cottage of Mie to popular glamping
We thoroughly comment on Nagashima spar land! We introduce popular screaming attraction and neighboring popular facilities which we want to put together!
Theme park where theme park "snacks town" of cake can be fully idle on 1st! It is sure that adult is excited at child!
Bread thoroughly enjoys cake and meal and hot spring in Aquaignis, too! Do you not spend deluxe 1st at compound resort where you can stay at?
It’s a great Instagram opportunity! We went to the much-talked-about tourist attraction Shima Mediterranean Sea village!