Minamichita-cho, Cape Hazu

Minamichita-cho, Cape Hazu
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Minamichita-cho feather bean cape information site

Aichi | Mt. Morozaki, Minamichita-cho character Myojin

Cape Hazu located in the southernmost tip of Chita Peninsula is an excellent site forviewing the sunrise and is a little known spot popular among those who know about its existence. Visitors can see the sunrise while viewing ships sailing in Ise Bay and Mikawa Bay. The Hazu Shrine is located nearby so visitors can go there to offer the first prayers of the year.

Information of publication may be changed without notice. Please confirm before outing to reference.

About time for sunrise
If there are obstacles such as mountains in direction that the sun rises, time for sunrise becomes late, and, also, it becomes early when we see from mountains of high altitudes. Based upon the foregoing, please consider as indication of outing at sunrise time.
For details, it is in HP of http://www1.kaiho.mlit.go.jp/KOHO/hatsuhi/2016/sunrise.html (Coast Guard Hydrographic & Oceanographic Department).

Basic information

Access (railroad) "Morozaki Port" getting off foot is immediate from Meitetsu Kowa Line Kowa Station for sea native bus approximately 30 minutes
Access (car) It is approximately ten minutes from Minamichita road Toyooka IC
Traffic instructions Time to match the first sunrise of a new year in average year does not have service of means of transportation
Parking lot 193 perfection, 50 minutes free of charge, one hour 100 yen
Parking lot Pay
Reference Minamichita-cho tourist association 0569-62-3100
Sun-up About 7:00

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