Hiroshima City, Mt. Ogon

Hiroshima | Ogonzancho, Minami-ku, Hiroshima-shi

This was the Niho Island that floated in Hiroshima Bay in the past, and that was the site of the Nihoshima Castle in the the Warring States period. An observation deck is built halfway on the mountain, and visitors can enjoy one of the most beautiful views in Hiroshima City. No people or any vehicles can enter from 23:00 to 5:00 all the year round. Please refrain from visiting by car since there are many pedestrians and no parking lots. It takes 50 minutes on foot to reach the top of the mountain.

Information of publication may be changed without notice. Please confirm before outing to reference.

About time for sunrise
If there are obstacles such as mountains in direction that the sun rises, time for sunrise becomes late, and, also, it becomes early when we see from mountains of high altitudes. Based upon the foregoing, please consider as indication of outing at the sunrise time.
For details, it is in HP of http://www1.kaiho.mlit.go.jp/KOHO/hatsuhi/2016/sunrise.html (the Coast Guard Hydrographic & Oceanographic Department).

Basic information

Access (railroad) "Asahigaoka housing complex entrance" getting off is about 50 minutes on foot from JR Hiroshima Station for bus about 20 minutes for Niho garage
Traffic instructions It is held traffic regulation at ... 5:00, the following day at 23:00.
Parking lot None
Reference Minami-ku, Hiroshima-shi government office maintenance section 082-250-8956
Sun-up Around 7:00

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